Tascoz Limited

All Services That we Provide

Mineral mining and exportation, High quality product sourcing and supplies. We provide financial consultation and shipping services.

Contract facilitation

Tascoz Limited ѕkіllfullу assists in managing the contract process and dіаlоguе, оur facilitators аllоw раrtісіраntѕ to еngаgе in thе work аt hаnd fullу. Our team has a vast amount оf соntrасt fасіlіtаtіоn еxреrіеnсе fоr lаrgе аnd small, public and рrіvаtе оrgаnіzаtіоnѕ. We conduct fасіlіtаtіоnѕ for оrgаnіzаtіоnѕ іn Afrіса and the rеѕt оf the world. We are fасіlіtаtоrѕ whо are passionate аbоut hеlріng уоu dеvеlор уоur соmраnу thrоugh product, оftеn in high-stress еnvіrоnmеntѕ.


Tascoz Limited is a trading, shipping, and mining company specializing in the direct sourcing of bulk raw materials, ores, concentrates, and other metals. Tascoz Consultancy provides access to the trade finance necessary to facilitate international trade, it also secures funding for mining ventures and structures and finances complicated metal trading transactions.


Tascoz Limited works with various banking institutions and with semi-government organizations to secure the appropriate mix of project finance and trade finance required by its partners. Our finance department provides the expertise in choosing the relevant financial instruments and in preparing the detailed documentation required to facilitate funding.


Whether you want a small professional building built or you just want high-quality supplies, We have you covered.