Dry firewood and wood pellets

Our Firewood and wood pallets are of Best Quality, Low Ash Highest Calorific Value Superior quality at best prices.

Dry firewood and wood pellets

Our products have been sold all over the world, especially popular in Japan, Korea, German, Italy,

 Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, UAE, KSA, Oman, and our customers totally satisfy with our services and quality.
Our company sells high quality fresh cut, kiln dry and air-dry hardwood firewood starched into 1,8 or 2RM boxes.
Our Firewood is sold by pallet 100x120x200 cm. 30 cm in length (2RM). And can be pallets sizes 85*120*200cm, length of the sticks be 25cm.

We are offering you:

– Hornbeam Firewood
– Fir Firewood
– Ash Firewood
– Alder Firewood
– Oak Firewood
– Birch Firewood 
– Spruce Firewood
– Beech Firewood
– Dried Kiln Firewood

Super dry firewood, ready to use immediate. Lights easily, gives great heat output. Spreads nice outdoor while burning. Conveniently packed in Economy box, this firewood can be stored outside without restacking. Since wood is well dried, logs can as well be places indoors: it has no insects nor mold.
The main length of logs is 25cm, 30cm.
We can also offer you lengths and sizes by your requests.

Moisture (%)
100% pine wood
100% pine wood
Heating Data
4500 Kcal/kg
100% pine wood

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