Copper Anodes

Heavy on demand but we are currently holding and running a smooth supply with our focus on client satisfaction, feel free to make enquiries on detailed specifications and availability.

Copper Anodes

Tascoz Limited supplies copper anodes as a certified company. A state-of-the-art facility allows them to provide copper anodes efficiently while remaining dedicated to environmental responsibility. See more detailed specifications about individual copper products below.

Product Specification

Copper*99.95 MIN%
Iron0.003 MAX%
Sulfur0.003 MAX%
Lead0.002 MAX%
Antimony0.002 MAX%
Nickel0.002 MAX%
Arsenic0.001 MAX%
Tin0.002 MAX%
Total Other**0.010 MAX%
Oxygen0.0035 MAX%


  • Hot rolling produces a fine-grained structure
  • Consistent surface area and consistent dissolution
  • Quick-settling characteristics avoid bridging, voids and basket damage (Balls)
  • Perfect for automated chute loading (Balls)
  • For use in any anode bask et or tray
  • Special process eliminates precleaning
  • Color-coded, user-friendly packaging
  • Certificate of Analysis issued for every lot

Typical Applications

  • Decorative Plating
  • Electronic Components
  • Corrosion Protection in Automotive Parts
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Power Distribution Equipment
  • Ammunition
  • Coinage
  • Wire Plating

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