A company incorporated to offer market-leading procurement and consultancy services to the Mining, Manufacturing, Construction and General Service industries in Zambia as well as trade in minerals.


The best business is a business that benefits all parties involved. We are an integrated company group operating in the fields of industry, trade, logistics, contract facilitation and finance. Responsible and reliable entrepreneurship, combined with flexibility and innovative thinking shapes Tascoz Consultancy company policy. We service both local and international clients with our wholly diversified business model. Optimized cost and innovation remain at the bedrock of our research and development efforts. we continuously achieve an above-average value contribution, achieving a trade volume of over 10.4 million tonnes in 2018.


Showing respect to people and Mother Earth As a family-run company, we feel that we have a particular responsibility for the well-being of our employees and their personal development. We enjoy our work because we work together in a successful team. We laugh together and also laugh at ourselves as an expression of our vitality. We carefully observe the developments inside and outside our company to seize opportunities and anticipate risks. We see ourselves as being cosmopolitan. This implies, as a matter of course, a cross-cultural attitude, tolerance, as well as a decent and respectful demeanour. We have always been committed to an environmentally friendly way of using the world’s resources. We are a performance-oriented company that strives to improve continuously. Long-term success is more important to us than short-term profit.

Investor Contract Facilitation

Tascoz Limited has played a part in the Facilitation of long-term contracts between African Governments and the most competent contractors and suppliers from across the world. As we all know African Economies are growing economies with different investments opportunities so in cases of big investments and long-term supplies of industrial products and services, the country has to engage the most competent International contractors and this is where we come in, We play our part to ensure smooth running productive contracts.


Whether you want a small professional building built or you just want high-quality supplies, We have you covered.


We mine, trade and export high quality raw Minerals, Metals and Energy products.


Copper Anodes

Heavy on demand but we are currently holding and running a smooth supply with our focus on client satisfaction, feel free to make enquiries on detailed specifications and availability.
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Copper Cathodes

With current contracts of supply from Zambian mines and Congolese mines, we are always ready to supply Copper Cathodes Usually on long term contracts.

Copper Concentrate

We can supply good quality Copper Concentrate in bulk quantities and at a good rate.
We do our own mining.


Zinc Ingot

We provide Zinc through our chain of Mines that we have partnered with, usually needs a few days to process and commence.



Cobalt is a shiny, brittle metal that is used to produce strong, corrosion and heat-resistant alloys, permanent magnets and hard metals.



Gold is a soft metal widely famous for its yellow colour.Gold is one of the safest investments that you should consider having in your investment portfolio today.


Dry firewood and wood pellets

Our Firewood and wood pallets are of Best Quality, Low Ash Highest Calorific Value Superior quality at best prices.


Sunflower Oil

We have refined & unrefined Sunflower Oil for sale at moderate and affordable prices with high quality. 


High Quality Wheat

We offer fresh wheat that is a perfect choice for wholesome nutrition. Wheat Grains are a food used to make flour.



The Manganese Ore Lumps can be availed in different grades of 18% to 52% manganese (Mn) content and are mainly used for the manufacturing of silicon manganese, steel, M.S. steel and alloys.


High quality coltan powder, ore , plate, bar, and all kinds of tantalum products. Grade :FTa-1,FTa-01 . Appearance: Dark grad powder and any other size per buyer specification. Coltan is the most widespread tantalum mineral.


Cobalt Hydroxide

Cobalt hydroxide is a kind of fine inorganic compounds, usually for the rose red monoclinic crystal or tetragonal crystal system, relative density 3.597 (15 ℃) heat decomposition. 


Cobalt Concentrate

Our Cobalt Concentrate is a reliable name in the market intricate in presenting unmatched quality of Cobalt Concentrate in the recommended time frame.

The Biggest Contract and Foreign Investment Contract Facilitator

Our minerals are mined and sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We export from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia through South Africa – Durban, Namibia – Wavis Bay, Mozambique – Beira, and Tanzania – Dar es Salaam.
And on a few occasions through Kenya ( Nairobi and Mombasa) and Uganda – Kampala. We also have very good partners across Europe and Ukraine.
We have correspondent offices in Europe too, Eg Dubai, France, and Belgium just to mention a few.